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Site Update Notes

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I have updated my site for my new blogging and consulting sections. I am also going to redesign the search/indexing systems.

I have built two new sections to my site. I hope everyone enjoys them. I will be adding more and more stuff as I have time. I am still trying to setup the remote blogging API for this new site. I should have that up shortly.

    I also would like to feature other sites content at my site. Please contact me if you would like to have your RSS content stream on my site. I am looking for Open Source consultants to share howtos, FAQs and blogs with. I will also be contacting people with requests to stream content to my site. For all you zope+plone fans, check out CMFSin. This looks like what I will be using to include other sites content in mine. As I work more with zope+plone, I am finding out it is awesome. I look forward to building up an amazing section of the Internet with the people from #fedora-unity and #fedora-websites. Thanks for everyone's continued support.

    On another note, I still have not been able to get mysql to support the search system. I have tried different disks, servers, storage engines, etc. After I get over 500k documents I really notice a slow down. I will be setting up the search system in a new caching mode with distributed indexing. The caching mode is designed for millions of documents. Distributed indexing, that is just sexy. It is a patch untill I get some Xen machines built that have some real power.
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