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Revisor Alpha Released

PirutSpin gets a new name and a "working" release...

Revisor Alpha Released

Screenshot of revisor in action

Announcing Revisor

So, I've made some progress since FUDCon on the tool I have been calling PirutSpin. The name PirutSpin was from the fact I just cloned the pirut source and started hacking. A new name has been chosen by the Fedora Unity team: "Revisor". The alpha release supports building install media using Pungi and live media using livecd-creator. Pungi and livecd-tools are targeted for FC6+. Track development here.

Forwarning, Known Issues

This is still buggy, and I know that. Use at your own risk. Thanks. That said, here are the bugs that need notes at this time:
  • The default config file is for FC6 i386 and still has my repo setup as a baseurl, public mirrors from a mirrorlist is the default. This will change after the beta. You should configure the config file you choose in /etc/revisor.conf to point at your own repo(s).
  • The build path for live images is hardcoded /home/scratch ... this can be changed in the code itself, but is static for now. It will be added into a config file at some point soon.
  • If something goes wrong, make sure to run 'mount' and umount everything that has been bind mounted into the build root. Also, I know that the build root tries to be umounted automagically and fails. I have not spent the time to debug this, so even with a successful run you must umount the build root and then manually delete the loop device with losetup -d /dev/loopX (X being the loop number [0-7])
  • Run revisor from a xterminal as durning the live image build you will get an interactive shell that will let you modify the live image to your taste. This will eventually be a gtk window so there will not be a requirement of running from a terminal after the first releases. The first thing you should do in the chroot is run pwconv and then you can add users and set a root password or remove the root password completely with passwd -d root. I plan to automate a lot of the live image creation, but am waiting on a new version of livecd-tools before making any more changes to livecd creation.

Start Using the Alpha Release

NOTICE: Alpha release has been removed due to complete rewrite. We are now in 2.x!

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