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Plone 3

I have finally migrated my site to a plone 3 buildout. Finally.

I've been working with Plone 3 for some time now (since release) and I've finally found time to update my site to Plone 3. I'm planning to actually maintain my site again and my blog is working.

Some Updates

I am going to be removing my outdated howtos and replacing them with general use case howtos. They should contain the same information and I will be updating them to a somewhat stable point. I plan to write very few formal "howtos" and will just start using my blog for cool stuff you can do with Plone, CentOS and Fedora. Cheers to those of you that have used my howtos in the past, the more general ones should be good (and I'll be able to remove the BETA warnings).


Search Fedora Updates

I'm going to reserve some time soon to bring the system back online. It should end up being pretty bitchin'. I'll release some more news when things stabilize.


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