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More Updates to Site

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Another site update. Moved servers this time and recreated all content.

    I have moved my site to another server. I moved it off the indexing server to not waste any resources on zope+plone. I took this opportunity to rebuild the entire site and fix things I borked when playing with new features and settings. To those of you that had user accounts, "sorry"... I recreated everything and did not move the accounts over. If you do want to register, please wait until I have time to setup the LDAP stuff. The LDAP accounts will be a testbed for the Fedora Sites Signon (still need a good name) project. If you really want to register, please do... I just most likely will delete the accounts and not move them over to the LDAP. I still need to get in bed with Fedora Directory Server and I already have a pretty heavy work load right now. I will keep everyone updated as much as I can as I make progress. I have gotten a considerable amount of work done in the last few days and only have about a page of 'todo' items and then I will return to work on some of my Fedora projects.

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