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FUDCon Video

So, I finally got the FUDCon video rendered and uploaded. Contact me if you want the raw DV.

FUDCon Video

Cool A/V Tools in Fedora

FUDCon Video Finished!

While I was at FUDCon, Boston University lent me a DV camera and I recorded all the sessions I went to.  I finally got everything edited, rendered and uploaded. The video will be on the Fedora BitTorrent tracker.  Also, I expect some of it to end up on YouTube. Hopefully it ends up good enough that all of the video gets onto YouTube.  I am going to leave that up to other people.

How to Edit Video and Audio Using Fedora

I used the tools available in Fedora Extras and Livna. Check out kino and audacity. To be able to render theora you need ffmpeg2theora. It is not yet in Livna, I will work on getting it there, but until then you get to build it yourself.

Installing the editing tools:
yum install kino audacity

Get The Video!

The video will be hosted via BitTorrent from the Fedora Project torrent tracker. Get it now!...

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