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Storage folder for news items.

Updates; FC5 Released
I have made some updates to my projects. Fedora Core 5 has been released. Congrats!
Fedora Unity Re-Spin
Fedora Unity has released a Re-Spin of Fedora Core 5.
Fedora Unity Live-Spin
Fedora Unity releases Live-Spin images of Fedora Core. Also, new Re-Spin release goes public.
Fedora Core 6 (Zod) Has Been Released!
Fedora Core has gone final and live.
Fedora Unity FC6 Re-Spin
The Fedora Unity Project has released the first Fedora Core 6 Re-Spin.
Revisor Alpha Released
PirutSpin gets a new name and a "working" release...
FUDCon Video
So, I finally got the FUDCon video rendered and uploaded. Contact me if you want the raw DV.
Blogging Section Down
I found some nice bugs in Quills I am going to try to fix. Hopefully I can get my blogging section back online soon.
Public BETA of Fedora Sites Search Released
Just a notice that I have the systems online.
Site Update Notes
I have updated my site for my new blogging and consulting sections. I am also going to redesign the search/indexing systems.
More Updates to Site
Another site update. Moved servers this time and recreated all content.
Server Migration
I've migrated my site from a VPS to a dedicated server.
Revisor Finds a New Home
Revisor has out grown its shell and has moved to a new home...
Fedora 7 Released
Fedora "Moonshine" 7 is on the loose...
Revisor Now Available
You can now find Revisor in Fedora.
Mmm New Hardware
I got some new hardware...
Plone 3
I have finally migrated my site to a plone 3 buildout. Finally.
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