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My personal set of howtos and other neat tricks.

Installing Centos 4 From a Remote Location

This is a howto about installing Centos from most running Linux installs. I am rewriting a sweet blog that has helped me and saved a lot of time. I will be including options that are to my personal preferences and take no responsibility if this is ever actually used.

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Secure Use of VNC on Centos and Fedora

This howto features a way you are able to use VNC, both on Fedora and Centos, in a secure manner over a WAN (or the Internet.) This solution should also work with most other vnc setups. Some VNC setups have SSL ready to go. This is for use when VNC does not already have encryption support and you are not on a private network.

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Installing Fedora Core w/Two Floppies

This is a howto on installing Fedora Core using only two 1.44MB floppies. Also, one 2.8MB floppy may be used. This final goal to this howto is to build a one floppy auto installer to get a Fedora Install started.

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Installing Fedora Core 5 Using PXE Images

This howto explains setup of grub or lilo to run a Fedora Core 5 install on an existing system. At the end you will have a fresh install of Fedora Core 5 over your existing install of Linux. This howto should help you get FC up and running from most any Linux distro without writing any media.

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Installing Fedora Core 5 Using Rescue CD (NetInstall)

This howto covers installing Fedora Core 5 using the rescue CD. The rescue CD is only 75MB and is a quick download. This is a good way to install if you have limited media resources. This also allows you to choose a location for install. A local datasource could be setup to do the installs on many computers.

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