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I am available as a consultant for many technologies and concepts. Please contact me for more information.


I am now a RHCE (Redhat Certified Engineer) and plan on mastering all of the Redhat Certifications. Read about Redhat and their certification program here


RHCE # 805007141329426
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Open Source

I am very proud to state that I fully support Open Source and the movements sparked by the GPL. I am on FreeNode often and I will support Open Source there as much as possible. There are a lot of great people there, jump on IRC and find out. Please use the channels for support and learn about IRC etiquette, it will help you get perk the interests of very knowledgeable users. Find me in #fedora or #centos ( and many other channels.) I might also end up in any channels for the Open Source technologies I personaly use and support on a random basis. /whois daMaestro to find out where I am currently lurking.

I am also available as a paid consultant for Open Source technologies ( I need to pay for lattes somehow ) and as a software/systems developer. Below is a short list of technologies I am actively working with:

  • Perl /mod_perl/HTML::Mason
    "The sysadmins swiss army knife" ... always. Perl has also served me well for building advanced Web applications and system administration automation.
  • Apache/lighttpd Servers
    everything; from rewrites/proxy to extFilters; find me in #apache
  • SQL Systems
    I actively use MySQL and PostgreSQL in production environments.
  • DNS Systems
     I support, design, service, maintain and diagnose DNS and DNS related systems and networks.
  • E-Mail Systems
    E-mail has long been the standard for communications online and I have operated my own mail systems ever since I've had an email account, this being back in the days when you bought internet access hourly. I use and maintain Dovecot, Postfix, and Cyrus email systems and have used Exim back when I used Debian a lot.
  • Web Languages, Development and Design
    I currently develop many websites and systems. I can read and write xhtml, php, perl, python, xml, css and javascript. I currently do most of my developing using Zope, Plone, Django and Turbogears and use javascript frameworks like mootools and prototype. I utilize many public APIs that employ technologies such as soap, xml-rpc, json and have written a few of my own.
  • Shell Scripting
    Who doesn't? I have bashfoo, do you?
  • Linux Systems
    I help develop the Linux distribution Fedora and contribute to many Open Source projects that make up many distributions. I currently use CentOS for most of my production servers and have used Debian, FreeBSD and RHL in the past.
  • Server Clustering, HPCC, HA and Grid Technologies
    I have consulted on very large projects to build massive data centers and clusters.
  • Network/Telecommunications Systems
    I have extensive knowledge of network and telecommunication systems setup, installation, design, repair and support. I have studied SONET and ATM networking and have worked for telecommunications brokers.

Microsoft Windows Consulting

"As most of the business world uses Microsoft Windows, I have trained myself in the dark arts of managing windows. I have also trained myself in the darker art of managing Windows with Linux."


I am only available for this type of work as a paid consultant. Below is a short list of what Windows products I support:

  • Windows Server
    Integration with windows authentication and systems. Setup, design and repair.
  • Exchange Systems
    Normally replacing them with Open Source technologies.
  • Windows Network Services
    Domains, roaming profiles, data sharing, etc.
  • Windows Desktop
    Everyone uses or has used windows at one point in time, I'm no different. I support Windows 95, 98, ME, 2k, XP and Vista but almost always just reinstall.

    If you use 95/98/ME and can't get the new windows versions, I normally recommend trying linux. This also works if your hardware limits newer versions of windows. There are liveCD versions of linux you are able to just boot from CD. Try it out. Linux is also able to be dual booted with your windows, however, why would you want that?

    With windows I normally just recommend a reinstall. If possible, backup and rebuild. I offer mobile storage that you may backup to for the rebuild. In the amount of time it will take a tech to install software to try 'cleaning' the viruses, trojians, spyware, etc. you could have a nice fresh install of windows. Trying to fix the borked windows machines that some windows users are able to create... is just a waste of time and money.
  • Office Technologies and Support
    I personally support Open Office more, and suggest to everyone to educate themselves about the Open Document Format.
  • Novell + Microsoft Windows Support
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