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Sep 04, 2009

Bluetooth Proximity Locking

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"Add security to your desktop by automatically locking and unlocking the screen when you and your phone leave/enter the desk. Think of a proximity detector for your mobile phone via bluetooth."

I've been using blueproximity for a while now and recommend it to anyone that is sick of typing passwords all day... I started using it after getting sick of typing my password all day long. The work day consisted of 1) login 2) need more coffee, ctrl-alt-l 3) get coffee 4) repeat. Setup and configuration is fairly straightforward:

  1. Install:
    yum install blueproximity
  2. Pair your bluetooth device: (GnomeBluetooth)
    Setup New Bluetooth Device
  3. Start blueproximity:
    Start BlueProximity
  4. Scan for devices, select your device:
    Scan for Bluetooth Device
  5. Scan for open channels, select one:
    Scan for Channels on Bluetooth Device
  6. Adjust proximity settings to your liking:
    Adjust Proximity Settings

You could also configure what commands to run other then the defaults via the "Locking" tab. Enjoy!