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Jan 07, 2009

FUDConF11 Mass Transit

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The instructions on the Wiki were not complete enough to make transit a breeze for myself. The following is what I did with great success:

  • Locate the nearest place to purchase a CharlieTicket/CharlieCard
  • Purchase transit credits; I opted for the 7-Day unlimited so I have a fixed cost of only $15
  • Board the closest Silver Line T Bus (Airport Terminals) directly outside of baggage claim.
  • Exit the Silver Line at South Station
  • Take the Red Line towards "Alewife"
  • Exit the Red Line at the Kendall/MIT Station

The hotel is directly outside of the Red Line. Very awesome.

FUDConF11 Boston

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I've now arrived in Boston after a full day of travel.

I'm back in Boston again for the first FUDCon of 2009. Today was not the best day to travel but generally the flights were ok. The day started with finding out the screen on my Freerunner has a crack in it and is only getting worse. Thus, I did not bring it along with me. The good part about this is I can now justify using that hardware as an SMS gateway for a project I have been working on in my spare time, what little of it I have. The dayjob has been keeping me busy for quite some time and we are launching a new version of our site on January 21st so I've been on my laptop and blackberry all today. My flight out of DIA was on time and safe. The arrival into Charlotte was a little bumpy, but on time. On the way into Charlotte I saw a quite awe inspiring sight, a full circular rainbow on top of the clouds. That was a nice treat to end the first leg of my trip to FUDCon. However, this is where things started to turn.

After a $15 airport bagel, chips and a drink lunch, I got an email from Orbitz warning of delays in Boston. Sweet. We boarded on time in Charlotte but the wind had picked up since I arrived. This closed down all but one runway for arrivals and departures. As we taxied out on time from the terminal at Charlotte, I thought we would have a delay in the air waiting to land in Boston but then proceeded to wait over an hour for a slot to just take off. Luckly I had some podcasts from work and a project to do. I started up some music and worked on dialing out my blackberry for Internet access while waiting on the taxiway. I wanted to get a clone of pyJigdo to work on and develop some discussion points for chats at FUDCon. I never did sucessfully dial up AT&T, but I'll be sure to get it working before my flights home (and submit the needed chat/config scripts for the Fedora barry package.) After a little bumpy takeoff, we were on our way to Boston. Since we had the delay in Charlotte, we didn't have to pay the normal 300% markup on a coca-cola ($2/each) so that was nice. We caught a pretty strong tail wind and made up time getting to Boston. The weather in Boston must have cleared before we arrived as the landing was smooth and uneventful.

I'll be writting up some more detailed instructions then what is on the wiki on how to get to the hotel from Logan International Airport using the Boston public transit system soon. Hopefully, this will help others as they arrive. Tomorrow I will be using the entry as notes for myself and Jeroen van Meeuwen, who I plan on meeting late afternoon at the airport. If you are going to be arriving around that time, drop either of us an email.