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pyJigdo - v0.3.0 Released

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pyJigdo version 0.3.0 has been sent off to the Fedora build system. There has been a lot of work put into this release to make it a stable starting ground for everything we want to achieve with pyJigdo.

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No more jigdo-lite...

I'm delighted to inform the community that we now have a good alternative to jigdo-lite for downloading the up-coming Fedora [jigdo] release. There has been a good amount of testing that has gone into this release. This amount of testing, coupled with the complete rewrite, has proven to be quite fruitful. Two [important] things that remain to be tested are running this release on F7 and F9; I have done all my testing with F8. This release already has many more features then jigdo-lite and, in most cases, saves time. Some of the more notable new features include the ability to auto-mount an existing ISO image (via fuseiso,) the ability to efficiently search directories for needed files, and the ability to use mirror lists. See pyjigdo --help for all of the currently available features.

Where to download?

I've just sent out the builds, so if you don't want to wait for it to hit updates-testing (and then updates) go to the pyjigdo koji page for builds. If you do end up testing it, please mark your comments via Bodhi for F7 and F8. This release should be yum installable soon enough, however.

Where do bugs go?

Please file bugs either in the redhat bugzilla, or preferably on the Fedora Hosted pyJigdo trac instance.

What does the future bring?

We have a lot planned for pyJigdo, so please keep an eye out for more releases (or send patches for features and fixes.) Also, watch for changes to our roadmap as I am going to try to get everything/anything I plan on doing into trac before I start working on it.


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