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Contact Information

Contacting me is very easy and I welcome anyone to send me an email and jump on IRC to find me throughout the day. Here is all of my contact information and links to sites that have additional information on me and what I do.

Email - The Standard

Seeing as how everyone has an email address, I found myself with many and without a way to manage contacts efficiently. I ask that for non-geeks to use my contact form to get in touch with me. For those of you geeks out there, just checkout my GnuPG key (0D86AF59)  for an updated list of what I consider my active email addresses.

Jabber - Instant Communication

Send me an email. We'll connect via Jabber 

Internet Relay Chat - Geek Speak

I am normally on the FreeNode IRC network under the nick daMaestro. Feel free to contact me there as I am almost always on. If you have no idea what IRC is or don't feel like installing a client you can use the on-line AJAX based IRC client Mibbit.

Connect to FreeNode and join #fedora-unity (or any of the other channels I lurk in) or send me a /msg (private message.)


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