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Welcome to my blog, portfolio, photography gallery and projects site.

As I continue to get more and more involved with the Open Source Community I'm finding tens, if not hundreds, of projects I'm wanting to start or contribute to, hopefully I manage to keep up. I welcome any feedback to any of the projects I have going or hearing about awesome projects I should join. I am a Co-Founder of and I am also the server team lead. Check in with Fedora Unity as we are going to be doing some great things, such as Re-Spins. Thanks for visiting my site.
  • Fedora Unity Accounts System and Plone Sites

    This system allows all the Fedora Unity sites to share a common user registration system/account database and now also share content. It is currently setup using Fedora Directory Server and is active for the Fedora Unity sites and we are now running Plone 3.x. Now that Fedora 7+ no longer has python2.4, I'm maintaining compat packages in the Livna repository. Also due to Fedora Unity extensively using Plone, I am the package maintainer for EPEL, Fedora and Livna. The packages provide a very simple way to get a standalone Plone instance up in running with just a few commands.
  • Revisor - Revise your world...

    Revisor is a GUI tool to build install media, live media and stateless images. Check out the news item for access to media. Get involved with the project here.

  • pyJigdo - Python Based Jigdo

    pyJigdo is an initiative to implement Jigsaw Downloading in python and tie it in closely with Open Source infrastructure such as MirrorManager. Get involved with the project here.
  • pyPayPal - Python Interface to PayPal

    We are going to strive to implement all functions of the PayPal interface in python for use in any python based application. This includes both the NVP and SOAP interfaces along with IPN and other commercial PayPal systems. This code should work standalone but is being designed to be imported into any python application. The releases are hosted on Google Code, but we are currently doing development in a private Git repo. Hopefully, I'll find time to open up the repo to the general public. Check it out...

  • Fedora Sites Search; Fedora Synapses

    This project is a search engine that indexes Fedora sites and related content. This project has managed to stay on the back burner for too long and I hope to be able to put time into it very soon. This system will end up being a quality data provider for many Fedora related sites. The plan is to be able to deliver full content results via some sort of API.
  • Fedora Sites Bot (nick: SearchFedora)

    Currently a test bot is planned to return to #fedora-search. The bot will have features such as documentation triggers, FAQ triggers, an interactive searching system, a rating system for content and much more. I welcome any feature requests. I've now moved to writing the bot in python, using supybot. I have packages done and will try to find time to put them in Fedora soon.
  • Fedora Hardware/Configuration Submission and Rating System

    Mike McGrath (and others) have put together this system. My hat goes off to them as I have not had time to help. Check it out and make sure to submit your hardware configuration! More Info...

Personal Words

    "I will continue to work on projects and advance the Fedora community as best I can. Thanks to everyone that makes open source what it is. You all kick some serious ass. I welcome any support and feedback to what I am trying to setup. If anyone wants to join the effort, feel free to contact me or join us at Fedora Unity."


Just a Little Something Cool

I plan to put random images here I find cool. I am also thinking about dragging my camera around more and building a gallery. Anywho...


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